Small Details to Consider When Designing Product Labels


It is a given fact that product labels are mostly about the font and graphics used. You have to make sure that you choose the right words and pictures to appeal to your target audience. However, there are some details that you might overlook and even these minor details could affect the popularity of the product.

1. Readability

The information should be easily read even from afar. The product name should be the biggest so that people can easily spot it when searching for it in an aisle. You should check the spacing between the words. The conciseness of the ideas and words used must also be taken into consideration. You want to include the necessary information without overwhelming the label. The product logo should also be included, and a short tag line. Even with all these details present, readability must not be sacrificed.

2. Choose the right font

Font style becomes an interesting feature that lets people decide which product to buy. Therefore, you have to find the right font that best represents your product. For instance, if you are selling a hot sauce, the font might reflect the level of hotness. If you are selling soap or other organic products, the font used might create a relaxing or calming effect, to entice buyers.

3. Don’t forget the white space

You might not really be keen on this, but empty spaces mean a lot. You don’t want to require people to read a lot of information. White space also creates a visual distinction. This allows people to rest their eyes before moving on to the next piece of important information. Blank space should be properly thought-out, for maximum effect on the label.

4. Be original

It is not bad to look for inspiration from other existing designs. However, you need to come up with something that is original. People want something novel all the time. If they want the product but the design on the label does not seem appealing to them, it could change their mind about buying it. They might opt for other products that look more appealing from the outside. Most of all, you don’t want any legal trouble simply because you copied a product label of your competitors. If they have trademarked the label, tag lines, or other details on the label, you should be aware of it.

These are just some of the most important things to consider when designing product labels. Once you have finished designing the labels, look for advanced labelling systems so that the final output will look amazing. This will surely change the way people see your products. Those who have not bought your products before might be tempted to take another look.