Information on Choosing a Web Hosting for Your Business

Buying the right web hosting is important if you want your online e-commerce store to do well. The web hosting determines the uptime of your e-commerce store so choosing a reliable web hosting is of your utmost concern. To ensure that your website is accessible by your visitors at all time, you must be willing to spend time to do research and find a reliable web hosting company.

If you want to buy a web hosting for your business site, you must first do research around and explore your options. Many site builders packages designed for building business site also comes with web hosting. Web hosting companies that focus on offering web hosting plans usually include free site builders with limited features. Before you start shopping for web hosting plans, you must learn about the differences between the different types of web hosting plans available.

The majority of the small businesses are hosted on shared hosting plans. In shared hosting, the server resources is being shared between hundreds of webmasters. With so many webmasters allocated on one server, they are able to charge you only a small fee for the web hosting service. The web hosting company will oversee the shared server and ensure that the resources are being fairly distributed across all the clients.

VPS hosting is a good alternative to dedicated hosting because there are only 10 or less webmasters being allocated to the VPS servers. You are being allocated a virtual compartment with you gaining access to all the CPU, RAM and other resources.  Dedicated hosting is better than VPS hosting because it allows you to have the entire server to yourself. Small businesses should sign up for the managed dedicated hosting plan as they probably don’t have staff that are experienced in maintaining the server to ensure it is secure.

In managed dedicated hosting plan, the web hosting company will provide features like patch updates, warranty, installation of security software, and etc. You must make sure to ask the right questions to confirm that you are buying a managed hosting and not an unmanaged web hosting plan. It is time to switch to a VPS or dedicated hosting plan if your site is receiving a lot of traffic, for example when you get a notification from the web hosting provider that you have exceeded the usage limit of the shared hosting.

VPS and dedicated hosting are ideal for hosting websites that require a higher level of reliability. For example, you want a web hosting plan that offer you the ability to carry out advanced monitoring on your websites.

The advantage of VPS and dedicated hosting plans is that it offers root access. Root access gives you the ability to install any software you want on the server. VPS and dedicated hosting is also suitable for web developers who want to offer complementary business hosting services in their web development packages.

Signing up with a stable web hosting company is important because an unstable web hosting company can close down and disappear from the web at any time. A big web hosting company doesn’t mean it is stable. You should ask the customer representative how long it has remains in business. The longer the web hosting company is established, the better it is. You should find out from them if the company’s ownership is the same or that it was acquired before by other companies.

As the saying goes, you get what you are paying for so it is advised that you never make the mistake of signing up for a web hosting plan that is too cheap.  The price of the web hosting plan must be fair and the web hosting company must has a good reputation. It is best to sign up with a web hosting company that hosts its own data centers.

The data center must be equipped with a lot of redundant power. The web hosting company should have an on site generator so that the electricity can quickly come back when there is a power outage. They should regularly test their generators to ensure that it is functioning properly. There should be security measures at the data centers to protect it from intruders.